How Do I Create a Hairline In a Wig




For the person wearing a wig, one of the places that the wig needs to look the most natural is in the hairline. This leads wig makers to question, “How do I create a hairline in a wig?”


Wig makers use a type of material known as wig lace. Knowing how to create a hairline in a wig will require a working knowledge of wig lace. Some of it is very fine with tiny holes in the netting allowing for only one strand of hair to be woven through it. The larger wig lace netting has larger holes through which several strands of wig hair is threaded at the same time. For the crown of the head, the wig lace used is usually the larger of the two. However, for the front of the wig, usually the very fine wig lace is used. Therefore, both types of wig lace can and should be used in a full wig. This is accomplished by layering a small piece of the fine mesh wig lace onto the front of the larger mesh wig lace that is usually set farther back on the model’s head. The wig maker learning how to create a hairline in a wig will ventilate only one strand of hair at a time into the front of the wig providing for evenly woven hair at the front of the wig causing the hairline to look natural and well-defined.


It is important to use flesh toned wig lace when attempting to learn how to create a hairline in a wig and make a wig that looks natural. The flesh tone does as its name implies and blends with the flesh tone of the person wearing the wig. The hairline in the wig is even more natural looking because the base is right and the hair has been finely woven into the wig lace creating a great hairline.


Another answer to the question “How do I create a hairline in a wig?” may lie in making the wig from a latex cap. The wig maker must be very careful that the threading process does not tear the latex. This sometimes happens when the threading is so close together that the latex breaks apart from instability of the material. This is a problem particularly with trying to make the hairline look natural. All of the hair strands must be placed individually and they must be placed very

close together to allow the wig to look natural. Therefore, learning how to create a hairline in a wig and making a natural looking hairline with this type of material is much more complicated and time-consuming.


Another possibility is that the wearer can leave some of their bangs free to help blend their hair with the natural hair line. The bangs stay out when the person’s natural hair is pulled back into a bun. A wig cap is then placed over the person’s natural hair, keeping it out of the way and tangle-free. The wig is then placed on the persons head with the front being placed first while drawing the back of the wig over the wig cap and the scalp. Learning how to create a hairline in a wig by this means insures a blending of the hair which will help provide a natural hairline.


If changing your hair color is your goal in wearing a wig, you may choose to wear a wig that is styled with bangs. Creating the wig’s style with bangs makes learning how to create a hairline in a wig very simple.

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