How to Apply Lace Front Wigs




Lace Front Wigs are intended to hold fast to the front hairline for great blending of the personís natural hair and the wig hair or for simply covering the personís hair and adhering to the hairline. Learning how to apply lace front wigs is a fairly easy process and makes it easy to wear a wig because once the process is learned, you will be able to do it quickly and easily. Wigs can be applied in 20 minutes or less and look great every time you wear them.


Lace front wigs come with extra lace in the front that you will need to trim away. As you learn how to apply lace front wigs, trimming the extra lace will be the first step in wearing the wig. Try the wig on after placing your natural hair under a wig cap and figure out where the hairline will be on your head. Remove the wig and carefully pull all the wig hair away from the edges of the wig and tie it loosely to make sure you donít accidentally trim the wigís hair with the wig lace. Knowing how to apply lace front wigs will involve learning to carefully cut away the excess wig lace to the right length for putting on your wig.


After placing a stocking wig cap over your natural hair, those who know best how to apply lace front wigs use a couple of different products to help keep the wig in place. One of these products will place a barrier between your skin and the wig adhesive; for this you might choose to use a liquid bandage spray or scalp prep. Once the barrier is in place, you will use a cotton swab to apply the wig adhesive to the liquid bandage spray or scalp prep product you have used. Allow this adhesive to dry slightly for best results.


Once the adhesive is slightly dry, gather the hair so that it is all brushed in one direction away from the edges of the wig. As you learn how to apply lace front wigs, it will come easy for you to roll back the edges of the lace front wig (no more than ľ inch) and begin at the front hairline. Place the front of the wig at the front of the hairline and adjust the wig so that it is in the right position. Once it is in place properly for the hairline, carefully place the edge you have rolled back down onto the adhesive and tap lightly over the length of the front stretch of adhesive.


When the front part of the wig is in place as you are learning how to apply lace front wigs, hold the front of the wig in place with one hand while carefully pulling the back part of the wig down over the back of the head. As you learn how to apply lace front wigs, you will remember to roll the back edge of the wig onto the adhesive at the back of the head, again tapping the edges of the wig and the lace so that it will stay in place. Remember to tap and press lightly behind the ears so that the wig will stay in place there, as well.


Lace front wigs are great accessories because they can easily change your look without having to wait for your hair to grow out or go to the salon for a new cut. These wigs are available in a many different designs, styles, colors, lengths, and sizes and can be customized to fit your unique head dimensions. Once you learn how to apply lace front wigs, you will be able to change your look at a moments notice because of the variety of wigs available.


The unique thing about lace front wigs is that they can be parted in any direction giving you endless styling options. For those who wear a wig because of medical problems, this is really great because you can change the style of the same wig any

time you desire to wear it. After you have learned how to apply lace front wigs, you will understand how simple the application and styling process can be.


Lace front wigs are less expensive and easier to wear than are other types of wigs. They also tend to be significantly more durable than the full lace wigs. Knowing this, once you learn how to apply lace front wigs, you may want to order several in different colors and textures. Since lace front wigs are custom made, they come in a wide range of colors and textures such as straight, wavy, body wave or curly and can be any length ranging from short crop to super long. If you are considering weaves or fusion or other types of hair replacement solutions, you would do well to check into the cost of a lace front wig because it does not damage the natural hairline. Considering the cost of redoing some of these alternatives, learning how to apply lace front wigs and investing in one or two may be a better investment.

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