How to Put On a Wig




Because there are a variety of reasons that people wear wigs, there a good many questions about wigs and how to put on a wig. Therefore, learning how to put on a wig is important to those who need wigs or who want to wear them, whatever their reason.


In learning how to put on a wig, you’ll find the first item to put on the head is a wig cap. This cap feels and looks very much like the foot out of a pair of panty hose or tights. If a person has no hair, he or she may choose to wear the cap so that the wig will feel secure and stay in place. If a person has hair, the wig cap will keep the natural hair held securely in place. As you learn how to put on a wig, you will learn that the natural hair needs to be pulled securely back from the forehead and put in a small tight bun. Others wrap it around the head so that it stays flat against the head; several hair pins are needed in this process. When those steps are completed, put the wig cap on to keep the hair securely in place. As you learn how to put on a wig, especially if the wig is a totally different color from your hair, you’ll discover that having your hair peek out from under the wig is not desirable.


Learn how to put on a wig by first pulling the wig cap on the front of your head about where the hairline should be. Hold it down on your head in the front and pull on the back to slip it over your hair. Unless you have made the decision to allow the wig to blend with some of your hair, make sure that all the hair is tucked under this wig cap securely.


For the wig itself, find the center front of the wig and hold it so that you can place the center front just where your hairline should be. In fact, to give a little “wiggle” room, you might want to place the center front of the wig a down past your forehead; then as you pull the wig back, the wig cap will be covered. After the center

front of the wig is “matched” with the center front of your hairline, hold it down with the fingers of one hand as you pull it back over your head or wig cap. As you are learning how to put on a wig, it might be a good idea to ask others for help with this process.


Learning how to put on a wig also includes feeling comfortable that the wig will stay in place and not fly off in an unforeseen circumstance. Although the wig should fit snugly, many wigs will have an attachment under the wig lace that will allow the wearer to adjust the fit of the wig. If the wig is new, you may need to put it on and take it off a few times until you get the fit just right. As you learn how to put on a wig, you will remember to adjust the clip until it feels comfortable on your head. It will not be long before the fit of the wig will be natural to you. At that point, your worries about having it fly off at some unknown moment will probably become less, as well. Wig pins are also available, especially if you are going to be physically active or have it on for long hours at a time.

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